Pictures should always come first!

“People scan and skim first and read second and they only read IF their scan turns up something worthwhile.” - David Ogilvy

In David Ogilvy’s time tested tradition, the order in which people notice material is:

  1. Picture first
  2. Headline second
  3. Copy last

This makes whatever photo you are using in your ad, brochure, or website, the most important element on the page, or screen. Skimping in this area can be detrimental to your goals.

I can help you with that. From shooting new product shots, to colour correcting and photo retouching existing photos. Have a look through the photo section of the portfolio to see some samples of my work.

Recent Photo Work

Ballet Victoria Photo Retouching Forevermark and Idar Photography Jack O Lantern Stock Photo

Services Offered

What can I do for your existing photos, or do you need new shots set up? Contact me to set up a free meeting to discuss your photography needs.

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